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usernamelayoutnamedate solved
Mar NEWStar20161207
Mar NEWBox 920161207
Yippeetwo hills20161207
Happy johnlayoutnr120161207
Lucy-MassachusetMarry date20161207
sugarplum ""layoutnr120161207
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GHiler : Star good game
Marleen : Star and Box 9 are new and I'm done for now :)
Marleen : Like the 25, between us we almost have Christmas cover :)
GHiler : New game 25, Marleen not as creative as you
Marleen : I try doing a 'star' but looks like a diamond... :(
GHiler : Good game Sock
Marleen : Sock new ... I haven't won yet, so , have fun, I'll be back :)
GHiler : Howdy Flubby!! Marleen good game Deer
Marleen : Deer is New and Easy :)
Marleen : Hi Flubby xo
Marleen : Ms. C, you got me laughing, O I so needed it... TY xo
Carolyn : Box 8 about killed my brain! Box 5 is on the same level! Yee craps! I started to think I was going to be playing Box 5 until the cows come home. LOL
Marleen : Ms C, did you work overtime on Box 8 :) ?
GHiler : Morning Morning Morning - snow due in KC Wednesday!!!

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