coordinate drawing



You could change to another layout, by selecting one in the following list. You can also create a new layout by yourself. If you have any additional ideas or wishes, please write me.

List of Layouts

In the brackets are the numbers how often the game had been started and how often it had been finsihed.

kielack: wine bottl(45/22)

testuser1: big square(111/37), ett(62/33), haus(66/37), haus(40/27), square(2239/265), wer(56/35)

lilmoose: layoutname(59/27)

aliciajo3: Bolt(12/4), Cubes(5/1), Heart(7/4), small cube(2/1)

Game Description

Follow the point coordinates to trail what had been drawn before. if you clicked accidently on the wrong field the coordinates will turn red and you could go back by removing the last line. The game is finished when all passed all points and the drawing is complete

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