(or create own level layouts)

The aim of the game is to push the brown boxes on the green fields. You push it by moving the little man around. You can push only one box at once. You can make only make single steps vertically or horizontally. YOu can not move diagonally. To move the figure click on a field next to it.

he latest feature is that there are even more layouts for the game. You could change to another, by selecting one in the following list. You can also create a sokoban level layout by yourself. A variant of this sokoban browser game for Nintendo 3ds you can find on froxot.de If you have any additional ideas or wishes, please write me.

List of Layouts

In the brackets are the numbers how often the game had been started and how often it had been finsihed.

kielack: across(1667/460), diamonds(1177/245), level1(18024/2726), level2(850/402), level3(934/286), level4(711/323), level5(563/204), level6(528/223), level7(925/243), long way(780/193), MarbleStop(304/102), shortopen(242/82), skating(0/0), slippery(526/198)

Yippee: 4 Humshee(210/34), aLuckyOne(158/64), aPlaygrd(322/184), BPlaygrd(247/71), cPlaygrd(227/81), dPlayg138(230/91), drreamy(35/11), ePlayg392(284/71), FPlayg516(212/49), GPlayg174(192/59), HPlayg128(174/61), Iplaygrd(171/72), Playgrd10(358/130), playgrd11a(289/120), playgrd11b(237/89), playgrd12(239/88), playgrd13(218/88), playgrd14(358/98), playgrd15(283/90), playgrd16(287/110), Playgrd17(198/80), playgrd18(278/89), Playgrd19(254/59), Playgrd20(278/58), Playgrd21(180/68), Playgrd22(229/69), Playgrd23(396/48), playgrd24(245/71), playgrd9(470/91), SlippyOne(107/42), WaxyDoor(188/42), what now(114/21), whatinthe(93/42), Wheee(176/41)

Marleen: Al(97/40), Alfie(43/20), Alicia(28/10), Armin(79/30), Bee(97/51), Bella(18/10), Belle(21/10), Betlou(105/49), Bob(77/31), Bugg(157/69), Carolyn(96/39), Cleo(37/20), Connie(55/20), Dee(101/50), dreamerjo(20/10), Eyes(106/57), Flubby(98/60), Georgie(20/10), Ginnie(96/50), Jackie(79/30), Janene(96/30), Jessica(69/48), Jim(73/30), Jimbo(83/30), jimmbo(16/10), Joy(103/49), Kathy(46/20), Kay(51/30), Lindeal(93/39), Mar(112/30), Mark(36/20), Matt(15/10), Melody(50/20), Mike(18/10), nanoski(35/20), Pat(21/10), Patches(20/10), Rags(38/20), ranger(33/20), Rita(77/40), Rosie(45/30), Rusty(19/10), Sam(46/20), Shirls(113/50), Skydancer(81/40), Sparky(103/50), Steve(33/20), uronis(54/31), Weezie(99/50), Wilma(39/22), Yippee(137/51)

Shirls: 2ez(110/52), 2squares(53/22), 4Beginners(49/20), 4plus4(35/20), anaid(15/10), anaid 2(14/10), Beginners2(1017/55), beginners3(16/10), Bridge(120/61), chairs(36/20), Chips(18/10), Chocolate(35/20), Climb(60/20), cookie(65/40), corners(22/10), Cubism(13/10), digits(26/20), Double L(33/20), Dyamond(39/20), Easy 1(16/10), ez 1(37/20), Fiftyone(31/20), flipcross(32/20), Mar2(14/10), Me(19/10), Merry xmas(16/10), Misty(37/20), Mystic(17/10), one(22/11), one dozen(39/20), Onearm(22/10), Opendoor(14/10), potluck(21/10), Sha718(67/30), Silver(35/20), simple(117/40), Slider(44/20), Smooth(20/10), Snacks(17/10), snake(22/10), square pan(42/20), squares(25/10), straight(19/10), The cross(21/10), travel(41/20), try H(134/60), Ttoff(31/20), turn over(36/20), Windows(57/30)

Janene: back yard(313/91)

Breanna: Easy(221/121), Easy2(132/81), Easy3(163/91), Easy4(165/115), Easy5(185/91)

Me: sokoA(255/100), sokoB(189/80)

gianna439: castleroom(244/120), escape(207/100), treat(179/100), treddybear(176/70), trial1(172/80), trial2(176/80)

jimbo: 15 UP(287/140), Easter(196/80), Xanadu(267/100)

Bob50: Confused(369/90), EZ 3(182/113), EZ10(154/80), EZ9(142/70), Folly(258/70), I think(161/70), IT(199/122), Journey(273/110), Off Target(187/70), Sweet16(267/140), Trap(194/70), Tricky1(210/90), Tricky2(272/145)

Rabbits2: Rabbits2(148/90), Rabbits2 1(123/40), Rabbits2 1(70/0), Rabbits2 1(102/31)

Punkin514: Easy 8(135/61)

starwars: one(168/90), two(131/66)

arg410: the long w(117/80)

tleit004: beginner(42/20)

prabakaran: layoutname(18/0), layoutname(101/61)

tumshee: boxes 1(40/0), radom(41/20), the stig(19/0)

CallumMcclellan: (18/0), layoutname(71/40)

sha718: crazzz dud(76/40), elephant(75/40), frying pan(60/30), kitty(13/10), NYC(37/20), park(16/10), Poodlepark(37/20), rose(16/10), S18(18/10), Shirls BFF(52/30), silverbell(36/20), spider web(28/20), spiderweb2(36/20), stairstep(47/30), Stairstep2(32/20), Stairstep3(19/10), stairstep4(9/0), tricky man(38/20), trystep(72/50)

pokemaster99: Pokeball(9/2), Pokeball(10/2)

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The Game was programmed by Armin Kielack in JavaScript.
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