The aim of the game is to remove all tiles. you can remove a matching pair of tiles by clicking on the first to mark it red and then on the second. Both tiles may not be blocked when you want to remove it. A tile is free if the stack left or right of the tile is lower than the own. The height of a stack of tiles is indicated by the gray border left and below each tile. The thicker the border the higher the stack.

The latest feature is that there are even more layouts for the game. You could change to another, by selecting one in the following list. You can also create a taipei layout by yourself.

A downscaled version of this taipei browser game, adapt for Nintendo 3ds could be found on
If you have any additional ideas or wishes, please write me. (gapleindo)

List of Layouts

In the brackets are the numbers how often the game had been started and how often it had been finsihed.

kielack: apple(14014/5722), beetle(5734/2782), butterfly(6125/2660), camel(4535/1721), car(5001/1294), castle(6536/2836), face(4149/1394), fish(3976/1995), grab(3393/1783), hurdles(55488/13410), ladybug(3313/1482), layoutnr1(0/0), layoutnr2(36326/7625), layoutnr3(24600/5420), layoutnr4(4102/2118), pyramid(6825/3043), spider(3006/1423), two arrows(3979/1978), two hills(12705/6580), whale(2574/1072), xmas tree(4515/1832)

Yippee: Anchorage(1562/690), Bird Worm(13800/3195), dollar(4356/1307), donut(1054/419), footprint(514/196), glass slip(228/104), Key(1568/627), Meow(3143/1052), patacake(225/101), pixilated(1157/785), Snore(105/56), SnoShovel(79/41), tictack(5805/1178), Yippees(10317/2692)

Marleen: 132Tiles(4859/1638), 144 tiles(334/79), 3 Crosses(1059/253), 76er(0/0), All(0/0), AM(239/23), Arch(37/17), Around(0/0), Bless(0/0), Box 1(0/0), box 2(121/32), Brrr(124/19), BullEye(230/61), Bye(0/0), circle (0/0), Coffee(933/206), CoffeePot(1278/260), Cold(0/0), dad(28/13), Diamond(1095/450), Dip(5462/918), down(0/0), EAGLES(76/21), Fall(87/28), family(94/41), Flag(0/0), FLYERS(38/16), Friendship(1126/280), GO(0/0), HeArT(0/0), Hello(78/45), HI(116/72), HOT(0/0), In(114/18), Joy(633/156), KISS(614/105), Later(0/0), left(0/0), LOOK(0/0), love (0/0), Mar(0/0), Mask up(0/0), Me(0/0), Miss U(0/0), mom(24/12), My(0/0), NEW(0/0), NO(15/8), OK(317/79), OLD(0/0), OnPoint(448/114), Our(0/0), Out(75/20), PEACE(19/8), PHILLIES(21/10), Philly(17/9), Plaid(3247/2516), Rain(0/0), Rectangle(12284/2067), right(0/0), Rose(30/18), Spring(173/27), Square(5641/1730), STOP(0/0), Summer(130/20), tea(0/0), TeaBag(420/46), TeaCup(702/82), TeaPot(870/202), Thanks(0/0), Troops(0/0), Tube(3044/591), Tunnel(5259/1884), Union(0/0), up(0/0), USA(0/0), We(196/30), Welcome(0/0), WHY(0/0), win(0/0), within(0/0), XLargeMug(842/185), XO(32/18), YES(14/8), YO(94/57), You(80/30)

Janene: (1179/547), Butterfly(1577/705), Cross(2140/684), Heart(2029/776), Horse(1884/781), Hug(1673/749), Sail Boat(1361/565), train(1711/616)

Carolyn: 1 2 3(85/33), 2012(37/19), B n C(86/22), Barley(485/101), DJs Quilt(66/19), Melody(469/136), Star(91/27), Whatzat(75/35)

sparky: Quilt(2124/1299)

Breanna: (943/625), 3 hills(2346/801), dominos(1332/710), flag(1949/441), four hills(1084/617), Hi(1835/590), snake(1291/668), squares(1032/511), ten(949/456), THE Y(1985/1368)

KayD: 3 Boxes(1065/443), 3 rectangl(1085/353), Barbell(1550/347), Bear(1124/364), BigPyramid(1670/397), Bread slic(1060/229), Brush(1500/236), Butterfly(717/202), Candle(765/274), Coffee Cup(914/286), Comb(3273/686), Cube(1292/294), Cubic Rect(1449/238), Design 2(531/185), Dog(929/201), Dogbone(713/209), Doghouse(830/110), Elephant(984/282), FancyGrnSq(738/219), Flyswatter(1965/383), Hammer(1622/264), Hexagon(1556/329), HighHill(1817/218), House(517/132), Infinity(682/117), LongHill(1294/210), LowHill(1526/487), Octogon 2(1988/423), Paragram(2163/360), PerpleXed(554/190), Plaid 144(581/147), Rickrack(1652/296), Saturn(826/167), Scale(947/207), Snowflake(1220/427), Swimpool(1179/278), TallPyrami(1443/377), Top(732/131), Triangle(1872/422), Unknown(771/144), WideHill(4515/908)

Me: DisOne(195/98), NotMe(127/70), The spot(424/132), tiuq(229/114), WhoMe(317/145), WhyMe(174/68)

rose: (883/360), A T(1095/499), AN H(825/376), DOUBLE ROW(965/479), E ROSE(1680/945), lines(839/436), LOVE(1289/697)

gianna439: a b(1078/224), c d e(574/213), Cross(755/271), flower(1104/332), forest(934/303), gia diamon(1051/323), memorial(736/339), piggy(1333/387), sailboats(617/279), socks(1897/335)

jimbo: (36/13), (7/2), 1966(684/268), 9 11 2001(157/81), ABBA(1011/214), Atari(750/259), Avon(80/10), BEDLAM(48/15), Bond(611/209), Bowl(4887/326), CanYou(31/14), Coke(795/288), crosswalk(38/13), Cube(857/278), Curtains(26/13), Cyber(430/163), Days(695/202), dazzle(1002/340), DENSE(47/11), Dimension(3878/2182), Dollars(876/169), Doom(3560/837), Doublehead(418/142), DoubleZ(192/69), Escape(417/189), Flameout(344/66), Geep(4581/697), gone(35/17), Gopher(616/119), Gorgon(2353/899), Harmony(652/83), Hogwash(520/85), INTERSECTI(16/5), Jenny(124/62), KEY(42/15), Krazy(435/210), Krull(403/147), LET ME IN(33/10), Mayday(197/67), Maze(1739/1197), Midnight(789/306), Nodo(293/100), OOOPS(52/8), Outpost(999/193), Overflow(677/245), Park(293/75), Patacake(271/94), Perfection(228/91), PHANTOM(25/11), Pulsar(700/275), Quick(214/95), Quilt(264/123), Ragman(278/91), Rhubarb(420/143), Risk(437/168), ROADS(27/9), Romper(272/87), Rowdy(418/130), Rumble(385/159), SamHill(391/197), stare(746/260), Swatter(1583/289), Tempest(1471/373), Tracks(783/111), train(407/169), TRAINTRACK(45/7), UNEVEN(23/6), Washline(861/350), Wedge(44/12), WW II(909/176), XXX(36/15)

Bob50: Airplane(1040/422), Arowhead(699/371), buoy(530/261), Cod Fish(752/359), Confused(1743/813), DAM(564/278), Fishing Bo(893/299), FishNet(861/309), Ladders(632/297), Mahi Mahi(775/317), marlin(781/298), Ocean Sunf(911/420), Orchard(795/340), Pegasus(759/361), Sokoban(893/363), something(588/301), Spadefish(643/278), Sun Fish(732/286), Triggerfis(620/301), Waterpump(748/354)

Warren69: (2125/504), (460/216), squarebox(1075/428)

MaggieLee: (188/102), (216/110), (352/145), 9 1 1 we r(388/166), 9 1 1 we r(324/142), a b c(350/163), baseball o(443/154), candles(584/190), crazi tree(630/219), dot com(607/206), flamingo1(621/250), flaminumbe(1186/260), glasses(209/91), glasses(277/106), glasses(221/106), glasses(205/99), glasses(203/93), glasseswat(315/132), HI(404/183), hugkiss1(843/189), I heart u(384/149), layoutname(322/104), Letter m(310/115), Letter m(307/115), maggie72(483/75), maggie72(502/92), maggie72(471/77), misc(1209/273), number 1(259/73), number 1(295/88), P T A(312/129), percent(248/80), percent(358/98), percent(284/99), THREE PM(479/122), triangle(1012/174), triangle1(668/135), U S A(269/91), U S A(822/129), umbrella1(2353/238), water fauc(289/122), water fauc(323/116), YES(502/161)

eMiLyLaUrEn: (277/139), (335/135), James Bond(613/246), Sunrise(768/364)

Rabbits2: layoutname(890/213), Rabbits2(503/213), Rabbits2(524/220), Rabbits2(455/216), Rabbits2 1(492/214), Rabbits2 1(578/214)

Barefootn: Temptation(1686/333), The Teleph(741/122)

GHiler: SNOW SCEN(98/44), 1955(52/26), 2 X Box(72/33), 25(68/20), 4 Corners(3340/333), 4 exclamat(158/26), ALL(68/26), Bat Ball(961/199), bow and ar(942/176), Boxes(324/94), Burst(94/23), Bx n Bx(66/21), BYE(33/10), C Y C(262/77), CAKE(67/12), Cancer(80/16), cell fone(584/152), COOKIE(93/33), Cross 3(667/81), DIAMOND 3(163/26), divided(55/15), Door(444/90), DOT(75/18), DOTS(158/24), eny meny m(558/115), FIREPLACE(93/23), First(687/286), Frown(98/14), Funky Coat(162/26), Garden(46/22), GH(293/100), guess(50/21), Guess 2(49/14), HAPPY(81/30), Kellee(367/150), MA(65/24), Marry date(473/147), Martini(1242/189), Mess(527/150), Miss U(57/23), Monitor(1167/162), No clue(825/212), NOV 7th(62/22), Oh So Happ(634/181), On(60/15), PACKAGE(124/23), PC of CAKE(87/37), Pink Slip(440/155), Poor Mar(306/110), pumkin(803/189), Quake(532/180), Rectangle(72/20), ROAD(82/27), Royals(72/20), shorter(257/102), Skip Stone(653/136), Snow Cover(216/71), STAIRS(46/19), Star(416/144), Stiff Brr(490/124), Thx(76/34), Toast(64/18), Top Off(1470/196), TREE(73/21), Trees(2043/237), Triangle(1028/127), TT(450/151), U Name It(1071/175), U W(54/20), ugly turke(67/27), upside dow(2081/142), Who(57/24), Y me(468/122), Yikes(87/27), Zero(75/24), Zoo(486/139)

CJM: MAZE(675/312), Turtle(384/104), Turtle(357/108)

ANGEL: a mess(1479/289)

Punkin514: (708/139), A Flower(506/164), A Vase(720/218), Big R(405/136), Bumps(355/146), Bumps(303/129), Castle 1(414/209), Castle 1(291/138), Diamonds(407/149), Granny Squ(940/211), Heart(524/159), HoHoHo(370/135), igloo(1268/194), Lamp(403/160), Magic 8Bal(622/204), Mom(408/127), Pattern(504/142), Sissy(487/166)

Hillbilly: (196/54), (253/58), (176/49), 1st(272/83), 1st(207/71), Number 1(275/67), Number 2(223/57), number 3(392/46), number 3(411/48), Number 4(484/71), Number 5(416/62), number 6(388/61), number 7(307/82), number 8(333/77)

MrCool: Bad(259/63), badder(199/49), baddest(338/48), Cool(270/69), cooler(169/59), coolest(306/73), Hard(127/67), harder(144/59), hardest(288/52), Hot(372/45), hotter(445/43), hottest(576/52), Sharp(194/55), sharper(172/65), sharpest(205/53), Tough(236/61), tougher(474/60), toughest(233/68)

user008: 69(126/60), a thing(261/66), easy(152/50), face1(134/67), face2(139/56), gta(154/48), heart(138/53), hello1(198/61), hello2(133/72)

You can play more of My Games or email to me to complain.
The Game was programmed by Armin Kielack in JavaScript. The lastest new game on this website is still the truck sorting game that I have done to replace the train game.

The most played games on my website are currently Taipei, RoofDrop, PipeDrop, Jump into Lines, Sudoku, Marble Solitaire, Memory Tetris Sokoban, , and Domino.
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